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Element tools to use for WordPress

Tools are quite useful especially when you have to use them for building your own website. Here is a list of tools that may be just what you were looking for:


Sketch is a very practical tool. It has options like prototyping, grids and guides, pixel precision, etc in the same tool. This can save you a lot of time.

Font Awesome

As the name suggests, this tool has awesome fonts and icons that can be used for your website. They can be used directly on your page or can be customised according to your taste


This tool is a library that has many high-resolution pictures that are for commercial use. A major highlight is that these photos are for free! Most photographs are donated by various professional photographers.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a visual page editor. It uses the drag-and-drop feature which makes it very easy to use.


This tool simply manipulates CSS language to make user-interface icons that would react to the touch of a tab or button.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts has almost 1000 different fonts that can be used when searched for by language. All of these fonts are open-source.


This tool is a plugin that allows you to attach a post from media by adding a meta box to the screen. The usual WP process for doing the same is much slower.


IcoMoon has so many vector icons to look through. These icon fonts apparently load faster than bitmap images and are also supported by all browsers. This makes it a brilliant option for choosing graphics for your website.


This tool is so convenient that it allows you to check the distance between different icons on your webpage by calculating your mouse movements. This way you can easily figure out the size of your website’s layout.

Dynamik Website Builder

This tool directly adds hundreds of design tools to your WP dashboard. This eliminates the need to code your way to the right icons for your page.

Cookie Consent

Cookie Consent links your policy page to the Cookie consent notification bar thus, keeping the order of your EU in place.

NextGEN Gallery

This plugin is quite popular due to its photo gallery. It can be used for free as well.

Thrive Clever Widgets

This tool allows you to ensure that the audience sees relevant content every time they visit your website by putting targeted content on your widgets.


This tool helps you to find out the different elements such as size, height, width and other elements of your webpage.

Add Admin CSS

This tool adds a CSS editing option for your WP administration pages. This way you can change the look of your panel board using in-line or external files.


This tool allows you to add infographics, charts and tables that are highly responsive to your webpage. For websites that are hugely data-driven, this option can be perfect.

Advanced iFrame

By adding this plugin, you can create the ‘iframe’ look for your webpage. You can also edit this frame to create the look that suits your website.

WhatFont Chrome Extension

This tool helps you find out the font you were looking for. Can’t remember the name of it? Just use this tool and hover your mouse over the font.


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