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The Best tools you can use for WordPress Website design

WordPress is one of the most often used design template for websites. Claims say that more than half of the websites on the internet use WordPress for designing the layout of their website. Since it is an open source platform, this claim holds itself to be true.   

WordPress has so many features which can make it very daunting especially while creating the design layout for your business. Spending too much time understanding what can be used may decrease productivity. It is a good idea to know what tools can be used, especially for freelancers to save time and be more productive. Here is a list of design tools for themes and frameworks for your website.  


Underscore is quite popular with WordPress bloggers. You can use this tool to create a basic theme that can be customised to suit your taste.  


Avada is another popular tool and rightly so- its powerful framework and adaptable design options make it very easy for users to create their own WordPress template.  

Theme Check  

This tool is pretty useful because it helps you check whether your newly designed template is suited for WordPress standards or not. Saves you a lot of time.  


As the name suggests, StudioPress is a studio that sells themes and framework. You can also find Genesis framework also known to be one of the best out there in the market right here.  

Creative Market  

Creative Market is home to almost 4000 different themes for WordPress. This will come in handy while choosing the perfect layout for your website.  

Theme Inspector  

This tool is a plugin that helps one reveal information that may be hidden such as tags, the page ID and template file. This is useful for developers who want to create a new theme.  

What WordPress Theme Is That   

This online tool helps the user to discover what kind of plugin is being used in any WordPress website. Just type in the URL and find out the theme and plugins being used.  

WP Rollback   

Rolling themes forward and back sounds painful, doesn’t it? Especially when you’re designing a new theme. Well, this tool helps by automating this very process. Convenient, isn’t it?


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