Shreiyas Muralidharan

Shreiyas Muralidharan

Voice of Hyderabad 2019 – Successfully Organised

Voice of Hyderabad is Flagship Event by StreetCause CBIT , TalentonInsta & StreetCauseVasavi. The Grand Finale was Conducted at Ravindra Bharathi Conference Hall on 3rd March.

TalentOnInsta – a platform that makes your dream come true over Instagram. If you are looking to unbox your hidden passion, there can be no other place than this. Talent on Insta is an Artistry showcase platform. They are a group of talent hunters, and know that talent is not to be wasted living someone else’s life. That’s why, they started TalentOnInsta, trying to catapult a pool of talents from various niches and show it to the world. We, as TalentOnInsta are the bridge to your passions unlimited.

Talent On Insta conducts various competitions across the city and provides the contestants and winners with visibility on the platform with about 1000 followers. Talent On Insta makes a person from nobody to a star. Talent On Insta conducts competitions in the genres; Dubsmash, Singing, Selfie Style, Photography, Dance, Instrumentals, Standup Comedy, Ad-films, Magic Show, Poetry, Graphic Design and Painting. Digital Connect is proud to associate with yet another talent platform.

Street Cause is an NGO comprising of students intent on doing their bit for the betterment of society. Within a year from its inception in 2009, it has radically grown from being a local guild of adherents, with the objective of helping the underprivileged and the destitute in any and every way possible, to being an internationally renowned organization. Street Cause has completed over 85 tasks, 1 Project & 2 Fund Raiser Parties in a span of just one and half year. A few events have been conducted in collaboration with corporate such as Deloitte, Gold Drop Industries, Indian Red Cross Society and others. Street Cause also has collaborations with organizations from various countries like United States, Ukraine, Ghana, Gambia, Liberia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. We have 48 divisons under streetcause Hyderabad.

Street Cause CBIT was founded in 2009, by MiteshLohiya the former President of SC CBIT. Under the span of 8 years we have successfully taken up and completed 12 Permanent impact projects and 200 Temporary impact projects. We had Impact Day on 1st April 2017, which was an attempt to Inspire, Indulge and Imprint a village – Mahalingapuram, located in the outskirts of Hyderabad. The village consisting of over 300 households lacking accessibility to basic needs and is still backwards in several spheres. Impact Day involved organizing several workshops aimed at inspiring minds and spreading knowledge, providing basic needs to the Government School, medical camps and permanent impact projects like installation of water filters and repair of school buildings leaving a strong imprint

One such event from the Talent On Insta was Voice of Hyderabad, which was an open singing competition to all age groups. Voice Of Hyderabad was a platform intended to provide a grandstand to all the awaiting singers of Hyderabad to make their low hums loud enough to confide oneself. This three level competition was open to all the young and modern singers of divergent ranges to participate.

The event had 3 stages to qualify for the finale. First, participants had to register and send a their song as a voice not which was scrutinized by the jury members. Secondly, the selected members were called on to face a singing environment out of which the excellent contenders were selected to perform at the finale. Third, at Ravindra Bharathi Conference Hall on 3rd March, all the singers were asked to perform in front of the crowd. The competition was graced by Revanth, Winner of Indian Idol and Saketh, Playback Singer. The event was a grand success with more than couple of hundreds participants.

The title winners of Voice of Hyderabad 2019 in the senior category were Mr. Pramadwara and Mr. Sudanshu. And the title winners of Voice of Hyderabad 2019 of for the Junior category were Ms. Ishitha Sree and Master Shashank. We convey our hearty congratulations to all the participants and winners!


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